Photography enables moments to be captured forever. People change, children grow up. Faded old sepia prints have a magical quality - loved ones never forgotten.


I'm Mandy and portrait photography is my passion. I have always been creative and I first got hooked on photography when I experimented with my grandad's 35mm Pentax SLR and dabbled with my dad's projector and buckets of developer and fixer. There was nothing more exciting than waiting for my creations to appear like magic on the photo paper. Dripping photos of varying success hung with clothes pegs from the curtain pole...

I am a mummy to two gorgeous children who have opened my eyes to what is important in life, 

I have a unique style which is natural yet beautiful - real.

I am passionate about my work and get completely absorbed by the moment, capturing forever memories of those so special.

Mandy Cawood

City & Guilds in Photography

A Level and GCSE Art an Design

BSc in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications

I have worked in Graphic Design, Marketing Communications and Branding, as well as owning a ceramics painting studio